Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Brief Survey of Kentucky Law Blogs

The results of my survey of Kentucky legal blogs are brief. The work of gathering the information took me the better part of a day. Here is my list of Kentucky Law Blogs. A few that I found were excluded from the list if the content of the blog was devoted exclusively to self-promotion. I was looking for law blogs that discussed  . . . the law, or at least news items that related directly to legal issues or the practice of law.

I found thirty-six blogs that qualified for my list. I know there are more out there that I have not seen. That's just the way it works with this type of online searching.

Exactly two-thirds of the blogs on this list allow comments and each blog  that I attempted to comment upon (3 or 4) held my comment for moderation. This is smart. How long it will take the respective blog's web master to issue a ruling remains to be seen. So far, 24 hours is not quite long enough in most instances.

Fifty-six percent (20) of the blogs are fairly current and active, having been updated with new material sometime in March, 2014. Another nineteen percent (7) had new posts added sometime in January or February, 2014. Twenty-five percent (9)  have not seen activity since 2013 or before. One blog in this last group was expressly discontinued in 2009 but remains online as an archive.  

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