Friday, July 22, 2016

An avalanch of bullshit

A whole year full of imaginary numbers.

These are links to the four quarterly Financial Statements produced and distributed by West Buechel City Hall for calendar year 2015. Faced with severe criticism questioning the accuracy of these Financial Statements, Mayor Richards' response was to stop handing them out. None have been made available for 2016.

West Buechel's Quarterly Financial Report - March 31, 2015
West Buechel's Quarterly Financial Report - June 30, 2015
West Buechel's Quarterly Financial Report - September 30, 2015
West Buechel's Quarterly Financial Report - December 31, 2015

The scatology of bookkeeping - the bottom line.

It is not easy to penetrate the fog of slobishness that enshrouds these reports, and it's really not worth the effort to do so. Extrinsic evidence clearly shows the numbers reported are pure fiction.  But, doing the best we can to take these reports at face value, it looks like the City of West Buechel had total income and expense for 2015 sort of something like this:

Total  receipts - $1,459,386.70
Total expenses - $1,566,517.97

Net difference - ($107,131.27)

This is not horrible, in isolation . . . for a fairy tale.

If banks are good at anything, it's how to add and subtract and never forget.

West Buechel's audited Financial Statement shows cash on hand on June 30, 2014 of $2,001,929.

Between 6/30/14 and 12/31/14, when former Mayor Sharon Fowler left office, the City's General Fund bank account declined by $133,751.28. All else being equal, the City shoulda oughta had about $1.87 million cash in various bank accounts when Richard Richards took office as Mayor on January 1, 2015.

Bank records for January 12, 2016 show the City had a total of $1,575,635.99 cash on hand, which represents a deficit of some $290,000 since 1/1/15.

It is impossible to reconcile the bank numbers with the City's financial reports, even if you're allowed to round off to the nearest hundred thousand dollars. The difference between a $290k decline shown in the bank records and the claimed deficit of $107k shown in the City's financial reports is too big to ignore.

Except, everyone seems to have no trouble ignoring it.

One of these days, somebody will take this seriously.

Don't get excited,
The thief he kindly spoke,
There are those here among us
Who think that life is but a joke.


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