Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Politicization of criminal defense

One of the downsides for a criminal defense practice is that a lot of your clients are . . . well . . . criminals. It's not an easy job, being a criminal defense lawyer, but it is a noble and necessary  undertaking deserving of public respect.

It annoys the hell  out of me when politicians demean criminal defense for purely partisan political purposes. That is exactly what the Republican Governors Association did in this video ad excoriating the Democratic governor candidate in South Carolina, Vincent Sheheen, for being a criminal defense lawyer. I don't know anything about Sheheen and I don't give a damn about South Carolina politics, but this annoys me. 

Sheheen is "trial lawyer" who "made money off criminals" and "got a sex offender out of jail time."

The public is not well served by these tactics, and the RGA should be ashamed.

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