Thursday, August 8, 2013

Letter To a Tenant

Hmmmm. I hope this helps.

Dear Tenant

 We want to avoid any misunderstandings about your rental contract. The written lease agreement you signed on July 12, 2012, provides:
“After 1 year(s), the lease will become a month to month lease subject to 30 day notice by either party of non-renewal.” 
 This means that the original agreement is still fully applicable at the present time. It automatically renews for one month periods beginning on the first day of each month. You have the option, as do we, to terminate this agreement by giving written notice at least 30 days before the beginning of the month.

A thirty-day notice usually requires more than 30 days in actual practice..

We have not received a written 30 day notice of non-renewal from you, and it is now too late in the game for you to avoid paying a full month’s rent for September. September 1st is less than 30 days from today.

If you plan to move out anytime before September 30, and wish to stop the automatic lease renewal for October, we need to receive your written 30-day notice before September 1st. If that is your intention, you can use the form below.


Date: _______________

To: Landlord

Notice to Terminate Rental Agreement

Please consider this my notice under the written lease agreement dated ____________ that I am exercising my option to terminate the month-to-month tenancy at _______________ effective at the end of the month of _____________, 2013.