Sunday, June 2, 2013

K. R. C. P. 37.02(2)(c) case search

The Kentucky Court of Justice website publishes the opinions of the Kentucky Court of Appeals and the Kentucky Supreme Court in PDF format, with a search engine, here. Using that search feature and searching for "CR 37.02(2)(c)"

The most interesting part of this search result is that of the sixteen cases found, only one is published. Fifteen of the opinions are unpublished.

  1. [U] Godsey v. Holland (Ky. App. 1997) No. 94-CA-0445-MR
  2. [U] Sunset Management, Inc. v. Jackson (Ky. App. 1998) No. 96-CA-2053-MR
  3. [U] Hamilton v. Hamilton (Ky. App. 1998) No. 1997-CA-000720-MR
  4. [U] Smith v. Caligo, Ltd (Ky. App. 1998) No. 1997-CA-002353-MR
  5. [U] Pierce v. Minit Mart Foods (Ky. App. 2000) No. 1999-CA-002387-MR
  6. [U] Adams v. Rudolph (Ky. App. 2001) No.  1999-CA-001968-MR
  7. [U] Christian v. Super Quik, Inc. (Ky. App. 2001) No.  1999-CA-002467-MR
  8. [U] Goff v. Rogers (Ky. App. 2001) No.  2000-CA-000390-MR
  9. [U] Leonard v. City Of Brandenburg, Kentucky (Ky. App. 2004) No.  2003-CA-002238-MR
  10. [U] Deaton v. St. Luke Hospital East (Ky. App. 2004) No.  2003-CA-002405-MR
  11. [U] Leonard v. City Of Lebanon Junction (Ky. App. 2005) No.  2004-CA-000328-MR
  12. [U] Brown v. The Lake Cumberland Area  Drug Task Force (Ky. App. 2007)
    No.  2005-CA-002330-MR
  13. [U] Sunnyside Homes Of Rockledge, Inc. v. Owen (Ky. App. 2007) No. 2006-CA-000432-MR
  14. [U] Crawford v. Pittman (Ky. App. 2007) No.  2006-CA-001604-MR
  15. R.T. Vanderbilt Company, Inc. v. Franklin, 290 S.W.3d 654 (Ky. App. 2009)
    No.  2007-CA-002103-MR
  16. [U] Lanore v. Lanore (Ky. App. 2012) No.  2010-CA-001898-MR