Friday, March 17, 2017

West Buechel's mighty fine City gubment

West Buechel's mighty fine gubment enacted a gross receipts business tax this week using standard West Buechel gubment operating procedures . . . illegally.

One City Council member was absent from this month's Council meeting due to being in rehab recovering from a stroke.

Mayor Ricky Richards mighty fine plan was to finagle a proxy from a guy in a hospital bed to get the votes he needed for the Mayor's beloved and long sought after business tax hike.

The Council vote this Tuesday was three against and two in favor of the gross receipts tax. With the proxy vote from the MIA Council member, it was a 3 - 3 tie, which Mayor Ricky broke by voting in favor of higher taxes.

West Buechel's mighty fine City Attorney, John Casey McCall, opined that a proxy vote from an absent Council member was a mighty fine way to do business in Kentucky, and it was all good with him.

I suspect the final chapter on this mighty fine gross receipts Ordinance has not yet been written.


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